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My NEW favourite 3 Social Media (& Blog) tools (July 2012)

24 Jul

I have not been at all good at keeping this blog up to date! I put that down to a mixture of reasons including a whole host of dull things that i wont bore you with here.

Lets get down to my current favourite 3 tools, apps or websites that i have been playing with recently. A mixed bag, but all are useful and hopefully will be fun for you to play with too!

Let me know what you think and leave of comment about other tools you like to use that i may not be aware of?


Twitonomy – A comprehensive Twitter dashboard type tool with plenty of ways to slice and dice data about who you follow, who follows you, tweets, retweets and everything in between.

Retranstwitter – A simple but possibly useful tool to some. It allows you to set up a unique URL to promote to followers who can click it and auto retweet all of your tweets, or selected ones based on a filter.

Smarterer – A fun little beta where you can take or submit tests on webby/techy/geeky topics like social media. It scores you and you can then promote your score via your blog or elsewhere. See my scores on the right hand column of this blog.


My favourite social media tools and apps – Jan 2012

20 Jan

Over the years, I have tested, tried out, and sometimes kept using literally hundreds of social media tools and apps. Some are good, and a few of them are great, but a lot are pretty useless or pointless!.

To save you the trouble of having to hunt down the top tools around, I have produced this list of what I think are the best tools and apps available right now. They offer a mixture of features and functions including things that monitor and alert you to mentions of your brand/organisation anywhere online, social media analytics, auto publishing/posting/tweeting, Facebook Page apps and much more besides.

I have used these tools extensively, so can vouch for their usefulness when needing to manage an organisations social media accounts. This list is far from exhaustive, and I will look to add more useful links as I find them.

Feel free to get in touch if you need help in using any of them or if you have any items I have missed of this list or you think I (and others) may like to know about.

I hope you find this list a useful resource, and remember the best bit…these are all FREE (or have are free to use basic plan).

The FREE Social Media apps and tools list – Jan 2012

Twitter analytics tools

  1. www.twittercounter.com – Simple but highly useful tool I like a lot to gauge growth of twitter account + see how we compare with other similar orgs
  2. www.tweetreach.com – This helps you track reach/impressions of twitter hashtag campaigns, individual key tweets, spot who retweets us and how much impact it has had. I use it a lot.
  3. www.klout.com – A tool to help benchmark/monitor our social media impact and influence (am starting to use less as think it’s more for fun than real measurement)
  4. www.peerindex.com – As like Klout
  5. www.kred.ly – A tool like Klout, but newer
  6. http://tweetlevel.com/ – A simpler tool like Klout
  7. www.twitalyzer.com – Same as Klout, but more comprehensive in parts
  8. http://www.tweettronics.com/home – A simple Twitter analytics tool that lists mentions, retweets, reach etc
  9. http://twoolr.com/ – A good Twitter analytics tool I use
  10. http://twittergrader.com/ – As it says, grades your account on Twitter to help you improve how you use it or present it
  11. http://trendsmap.com/ – A cool Twitter trends mapping tool that can zoom anywhere in world to see what’s trending at country/city level + lots of stats
  12. http://tweepi.com/ – A Twitter follower/cleaner tool. Helps you choose who to follow, stop following and get discovered

Twitter sentiment analysis tools

  1. http://twitrratr.com/ – The best Twitter sentiment tool that measures how positive or negative comments are that mention you online (use with pinch of salt)
  2. http://twittersentiment.appspot.com – As above
  3. http://www.tweetfeel.com – As above

Social media monitoring / Auto posting tools

  1. www.tweetdeck.com – An app that helps monitor and schedule posts on social media accounts
  2. www.hootsuite.com – As Tweetdeck but has better functionality for scheduling Facebook Page posts
  3. http://twitterfeed.com/ – The best tool to get your websites RSS feed auto-posting to Twitter/Facebook/LinkedIn/Google+ etc + lots of control & customisation
  4. www.socialmetion.com – A good tool that searches all over web inc blogs, tweets, Facebook, RSS etc to find keywords or your orgs name or social media mentions + gives a score on reach
  5. http://www.cotweet.com/ – A Social media monitoring + auto post scheduling etc
  6. http://topsy.com/ – This tool allows you to set social media alerts that email you if you/your org is mentioned online or keywords mentioned online

Facebook Page apps

  1. ContactMe Facebook Page app: http://www.facebook.com/add.phpapi_key=4ec949726780745d5e2391002f010b7a&pages. A great FREE app to have a contact us function on your Facebook Page –
  2. AddressMap Facebook Page app: http://www.facebook.com/add.phpapi_key=8b2d867eae91be3ed2cab51e97f7777b&pages=1 – Another free app that lets you put a map function showing office location on your page.
  3. Involver Facebook Page apps: http://www.involver.com/utm_source=Facebook&utm_medium=FreeApps&utm_campaign=Free%2BApplications – These free apps including the ability to have your orgs YouTube channel and main video on your Facebook Page.
  4. JobCastNet Facebook Page app: http://apps.facebook.com/jobcastnet/install – This free app lets you have a recruitment jobs listing function on your Facebook Page.
  5. RSSGraffiti Facebook Page app: http://apps.facebook.com/rssgraffiti/ – Facebook specific RSS feed auto posting tool
  6. SocialRSS Facebook Page app: http://apps.facebook.com/socialrss/ – Same as RSSGraffiti

Google+ tool

  1. http://gplus.to/ – Free tool takes your URL for Google+ page that’s long ugly URL with numbers, converts to vanity URL like http://gplus.to/(yournamehere)
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