My NEW favourite 3 Social Media (& Blog) tools (July 2012)

24 Jul

I have not been at all good at keeping this blog up to date! I put that down to a mixture of reasons including a whole host of dull things that i wont bore you with here.

Lets get down to my current favourite 3 tools, apps or websites that i have been playing with recently. A mixed bag, but all are useful and hopefully will be fun for you to play with too!

Let me know what you think and leave of comment about other tools you like to use that i may not be aware of?


Twitonomy – A comprehensive Twitter dashboard type tool with plenty of ways to slice and dice data about who you follow, who follows you, tweets, retweets and everything in between.

Retranstwitter – A simple but possibly useful tool to some. It allows you to set up a unique URL to promote to followers who can click it and auto retweet all of your tweets, or selected ones based on a filter.

Smarterer – A fun little beta where you can take or submit tests on webby/techy/geeky topics like social media. It scores you and you can then promote your score via your blog or elsewhere. See my scores on the right hand column of this blog.


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